The Fugitive

The Chinese Sunset - S3-E23

Revealing mistake: Kimble and Eddie take an elevator down to the parking garage. When the doors open, you can see that there's no break in the floor between the garage and the elevator car. It's solid concrete.


Jean G

Echo of a Nightmare - S3-E19

Revealing mistake: During the fight in the farmhouse, Kimble's stunt double is very obvious. You can see his face in several shots.


Jean G

Wife Killer - S3-E17

Revealing mistake: The one-armed man's car goes off a cliff and instantly changes color and model type on the way down, exposing the use of poorly-matched stock footage.


Jean G

Wife Killer - S3-E17

Revealing mistake: The one-armed man steals a car and a chase ensues. But during that chase, the stunt driver's two arms and two hands are briefly visible on the steering wheel of the fleeing car.


Jean G

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In flashback, we see the one-armed man kill Helen Kimble by striking her with a heavy lamp. All through the earlier seasons, though, we were repeatedly told that Helen had been strangled.



This was the first US TV series ever to resolve its story line and air a definitive ending, despite network objections that doing so could harm its syndication revenue. The 2-hour finale, "The Judgment," garnered the highest TV ratings ever up to that time, a record it held for many years afterward.