The L Word

The L Word (2004)

3 mistakes in season 5

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LGB Tease - S5-E1

Factual error: The show takes place in L.A, and in this episode (SPOILER ALERT) Tim and Jenny rush off to hastily and ill-advisedly get married. Los Angeles is three-four hours away from Vegas, where most quickie weddings are done, but a road sign shows them heading to Lake Tahoe/Reno, which is another four hours further away than that. It's just not plausible that they would skip Vegas, where everyone in Los Angeles goes for this purpose, to drive hours further along when they're in such a hurry. It does, however, make sense if you're either ignorant of California/Nevada geography, or if your show is filmed in woodsy British Columbia, where no location can be easily found that looks like the approach to Vegas. Also, the road sign reads, "Tahoe" - an obvious fake. Actual road signs read "Lake Tahoe" and they always show how many miles away it is.

Lesbians Gone Wild - S5-E7

Factual error: Throughout the season there are multiple times where characters in military uniform are shown with major deficiencies in their uniform. It would take too long to point out every single mistake, so the most obvious ones to point out would be when Colonel Davis is wearing her name tag above her unit awards while in her Class A uniform and when Tasha was wearing the Combat Infantryman Badge while in her Army Combat Uniform. The name tag goes below unit awards on the Class A uniform and the Combat Infantryman Badge is only awarded to Soldiers who are in an infantry or Special Forces job, neither of which were open to females at the time this episode took place. (00:06:40 - 00:07:30)


Let's Get This Party Started - S5-E4

Factual error: Two military officers arrive at Alice's apartment to question her about her alleged homosexual relationship with Tasha and then start going through her apartment looking for signs of the relationship. In reality this would be highly illegal and out of the authority of the Army, considering Alice is a civilian with no ties to the military. No JAG lawyer worth his salt would even consider ordering something like this due to the fact that it would open the Army up to a very embarrassing lawsuit as well as harassment charges against the officers.


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