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The L Word (2004)

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Factual error: (Note: there's no category for Season 1 yet). In the show where (SPOILERS.) Tim rashly and suddenly rushes Jenny off to get married, a sign shows them driving to "Tahoe". 1) Actual road signs in that region read, "Lake Tahoe", not "Tahoe". 2) There are no "quickie" marriages in Lake Tahoe, but there are quickie marriages another 50 miles on in Reno. 3) They live in Los Angeles, and Las Vegas is much, much closer than Reno/Tahoe (Vegas is a 4-hour drive; Reno is 8 hours.) It's not a character mistake, since they are obviously in a huge hurry to get married, and it's nonsensical even for them to choose to drive 4 hours longer, and a completely different route altogether, when they're in such a rush. It might make sense, however, if you're filming in Vancouver and you don't have any nearby landscapes that look like the desert near Vegas, but you have forest that might pass for the area near Reno/Tahoe.

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