The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
Movie Quote Quiz

[London is opening a fashion boutique.]
Mr. Moseby: How's the boutique business coming, London?
London Tipton: it's going to be fabi! I'm putting purses over here and matching belts over there.
Mr. Moseby: And do you have a business plan?
London Tipton: Weren't you listening? I'm putting purses over here and matching belts over there.
Maddie Fitzpatrick: No, no, he's talking about financial planning. Ordering stock, taking inventory...
London Tipton: I said, I'm putting purses over here and matching belts over there.

Zack: Do you think what I think?
Cody: Yes! What are you thinking?

Day Care - S2-E3

Zack: [Watching Cody calming a baby.] Wow, how'd you figure out that rock and bounce technique?
Cody: It's not a technique. I just really have to go to the bathroom!

Twins At The Tipton - S2-E11

Carey: You're gonna write those girls an apology and an essay on why peeping is wrong. 500 words each.
Zack: 500 words? Couldn't you just ground us?
Carey: 1,000.
Zack: 1,000?!
Carey: 2,000. You wanna go for 3?
Cody: Quit while we're behind. You don't even know 3,000 words.

Odd Couples - S2-E1

London: Moseby, which of the following phrases seems most smartical?
Moseby: The one that doesn't use the word "smartical."

Odd Couples - S2-E1

Cody: [Holds up chocolate pudding.] I found your pudding.
Zack: Oh, thanks. But I could've sworn it was vanilla when I lost it.

That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana - S2-E20

Miley: Roxy was like this all night. [snores.] Hi yah! [snores.] Hi yah!
Oliver: Couldn't you tell her to lighten up?!
Miley: Oh sure, I tell her to lighten up, she gets upset and leaves, Dad has to come home early, and once again I ruined his dream.
Oliver: Why are we whispering?
Miley: Cause Roxy's everywhere! Cause she has HER EYES ON ME!
Oliver: OK, now you're just paranoid. I don't see her anywhere.
Miley: Oh no? Hit me with this magazine.
Oliver: What?
Miley: Come on, just do it. I'll be perfectly fine.
Oliver: Okay [almost hits her with the magazine.]
Roxy: HAAYYAH! [Throws Oliver back.]
Oliver: AAHH!
Roxy: Roxy's everywhere!

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