The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
Show generally 4
Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 Hotel Hangout 0
2 The Fairest of Them All 0
3 Maddie Checks In 0
4 Hotel Inspector 3
5 Grounded on the 23rd Floor 10
6 The Prince & The Plunger 1
7 Footloser 0
8 A Prom Story 0
9 Band in Boston 9
10 Cody Goes to Camp 1
11 To Catch a Thief 0
12 It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Hotel 2
13 Poor Little Rich Girl 0
14 Cookin' With Romeo and Juliet 0
15 Rumors 0
16 Big Hair & Baseball 1
17 Rock Star in the House 0
18 Smart & Smarterer 0

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[London is opening a fashion boutique.]
Mr. Moseby: How's the boutique business coming, London?
London Tipton: it's going to be fabi! I'm putting purses over here and matching belts over there.
Mr. Moseby: And do you have a business plan?
London Tipton: Weren't you listening? I'm putting purses over here and matching belts over there.
Maddie Fitzpatrick: No, no, he's talking about financial planning. Ordering stock, taking inventory...
London Tipton: I said, I'm putting purses over here and matching belts over there.



When London and Mr. Moseby crash through the wall with a car, there's a white betong-block on top of the car, but a few shots later, it's turned itself around a little bit more to the middle.



Maddy starts to film her movie and Mr. Mosby tells her that he is ready. Look at what he does right before she starts filming. He chants "Mah, mah, mah" and does the same thing Ashley Tisdale does in "High School Musical" before performing.