The Mighty Boosh
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Tony Harrison: It's an outrage! An outrage.

Vince Noir: Howard... Howard... Howard... Howard... Howard... Howard... Howard... Howard... Howard... Howard... Howard... Howard?
Howard Moon: This better be good.
Vince Noir: You know the black bits in bananas, are they tarantulas' eggs?
Howard Moon: Please don't speak to me ever again in your life.

Vince Noir: The tie's a multi purpose accessory, y'know, belt, school boy, Rambo.

Old Gregg: What do you think of me?
Howard Moon: I don't rightly know, Sir.
Old Gregg: Make an assessment.

The Hitcher: Aagh! It hurts! It burns! You've liquified me, you slags.

Vince Noir: I hate jazz.
Howard Moon: You hate jazz? You fear jazz! You fear the lack of rules. Skiddly biddly dee wop ba-wow.
Vince Noir: Stop it.
Howard Moon: Bop. Dah wop, skiddly doo wah.
Vince Noir: Stop THE evil.

The Spirit of Jazz: I'm gonna creep inside you like a warm kitten.

Howard Moon: I want to be the greatest Jazz player in Yorkshire.
The Spirit of Jazz: Yorkshire? What is Yorkshire?
Howard Moon: Yorkshire is a place. Yorkshire is a state of mind.

Howard Moon: I don't accessorize. I'm Howard Moon. There's a simple truth to me.

Howard Moon: Just imagine the headlines 'Howard Moon, Colon, Explorer'. Got a ring to that don't it?
Vince Noir: Colon Explorer?
Howard Moon: You know what I saying.
Vince Noir: I think that's got the wrong ring to it.

Old Gregg: Under closer inspection I realised it was a funky ball of tits from outer space.

The Spirit of Jazz: Ow! My hat's on fire! What's wrong with you? You blind? Why didn't ya tell me?
Howard Moon: Sorry, I thought that was your look.

Howard Moon: I'm an explorer.
Vince Noir: I thought you were a writer?
Howard Moon: I do many things. I span the genres - they call me the genre spanner.
Vince Noir: Yeah, they call you the spanner.

Tony Harrison: I come fully equipped with a papoose! I slip into it like a peanut. If you don't like the papoose system I have a wheel that clicks into place under my chin.
Saboo: Must I assemble this Kinder Egg?

Johnny Two Hats: I'm Johnny Two Hats, why do you think they call me that?
Vince Noir: Is it because you've got two hats on?
Johnny Two Hats: Bingo.

Vince Noir: Goth Juice... The most powerful hairspray known to man. Made from the tears of Robert Smith.

Show generally

Continuity mistake: In the season 3 episode "Party", during the crowd scenes at the party there is a girl with a blonde bob cut and a pink and black leopard print top who noticeably and dramatically changes places between shots. A good example is when Howard is giving his speech and she is at the front of the crowd, then suddenly appears on the complete opposite side of the room next to Vince's bedroom door, and then appears in the middle of the crowd, dancing.

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