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Angelique: Let me give you one word of advice, Dr. Hoffman. The pursuit of Barnabas Collins can lead to nothing but misery. He is a cold, harsh, unresponsive man."
Dr. Julia Hoffman: Who made him that way?

Maggie Evans: I know what Barnabas Collins is... Joe, we haven't got time to talk. We've got to escape. We've got out of this town.

Barnabas Collins: I didn't say she was dead, I said I killed her.

David Collins: I wonder why Willie went in the secret room? Maybe there's something in there he doesn't want anyone to see-maybe someting... horrible.

Quentin Collins: If only we could find a way of telling the truth without anyone knowing what actually happened.

Barnabas Collins: I said you were my friend, and how I wish that were the truth. But I am past the point when friends are possible. I'm sorry.

Quentin Collins: Of course a woman is going to kill me. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Carolyn: I don't want a sedative! I want Jeb.

Quentin Collins: On your way to grandmothers house and low and behold who should you meet but the big bad wolf.

Angelique: You wish you'd never met me. But you did. And nothing can change it... Come to me. I command you to turn around. Look into my eyes. Deep into my eyes. You have no will of your own. You cannot resist me.

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Audio problem: 1897: Quentin challenges Barnabas by pulling a decorative sword from a wall display and pointing it at his throat. Unfortunately, the display wasn't all that well attached to the set wall. Though the camera pans away, you can hear a loud clunk as the piece falls, followed by the loud crash of shattering glass as it strikes and breaks a table lamp. You can also see the actors struggling very hard to keep straight faces as they continue with their lines.

Jean G
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Trivia: A prominent first-season character, Burke Devlin was originally portrayed by actor Mitchell Ryan. However, Ryan was abruptly fired from the show in 1967 due to his alcoholism. Actor Anthony George assumed the remainder of the role until Burke Devlin's death (in a plane crash) in 1968.

Charles Austin Miller
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