Forever Knight

Fatal Mistake - S1-E21

Continuity mistake: The wooden plank with which Alexandra impales Nick completely changes angles (from flat side tilted left to flat side tilted right) between the time it strikes him and the time he pulls it out. It also appears to "grow" an inch or so wider than it was before.

00:39:00 - 00:40:25

Jean G

Fatal Mistake - S1-E21

Continuity mistake: The tow truck and the red van it's towing change positions at the alley's entrance between shots.

00:01:00 - 00:23:35

Jean G

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Nick tells fellow vampire Aristotle, "You still owe me for that time at the Battle of Hastings." Nick was brought across in 1228, or so the intro told us every week. The Battle of Hastings, as any British school kid knows, was fought in 1066, over 100 years before Nick's mortal birth.



All the sets in the dream sequence, particularly Nick's loft, are filled with props referencing Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland books. They include white rabbits, flamingos, walruses, a squeaky-toy caterpillar - even a half-eaten piece of cake in Nick's fridge. The episode also has several background extras in Wonderland-style costumes, and numerous other references to the books, such as Nick literally falling through the looking glass at the end.