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Corrected entry: In the episode involving a suspected factory murder, Gene Hunt apparently can detect Mr. Litton's aftershave from a considerable distance. How was he to know who was wearing it?

Correction: Because Gene Hunt associates that smell with Litton. Also, they had seen each other recently before when Gene Hunt could have picked up on the smell to make the association.

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Corrected entry: Series 2 episode 1: In the casino, the Three Degrees song "Year of Decision" is being played. This was not issued until 1974.

Correction: Ashes to Ashes makes it clear that both series do not take place in the 70's or 80's but in a purgatory for dead coppers, seperate from our timeline.

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Corrected entry: In series one, all the characters watch the 1973 Grand National. In episode 4 of series 2, Gene Hunt is reading a newspaper with a headline referring to Crisp entering the forthcoming Grand National and the weight handicap. Crisp was the runner up to Red Rum in the 1973 Grand National due to its weight handicap disadvantage.

Correction: This is not a mistak eas Ashes to Ashes makes it clear, Life on Mars was not set in the actual 70s but in a purgatory for coppers. So events would not have been the same as in our timeline.

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Corrected entry: In the second series episode involving the Asian drug dealers, they seem to be unaware of heroin. Given that it is set in the 70's and drug use was widespread in the 60's, especially heroin, you would think police officers would be aware of it. That and the classic cop movie of the early 70's, The French Connection. Surely the gene genie would have seen that.

Correction: But the series is not set in the 70's, it's set in a purgatory for dead coppers and Gene died long before "The French Connection" was released.

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Corrected entry: In series 2 episode 5, the bicycle seen being ridden across the shot in the final scenes by a young girl is a Raleigh Wisp, which was a model introduced in 1983 so would not have been available at the time the drama is set - in 1973.

Correction: The series is NOT set in the 70's, merely an imitation of the 70's, a purgatory, so historical facts do not apply.

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Corrected entry: In series one, "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" by Elton John is used. It wasn't released until the Autumn of 1973. Sam Tyler found himself in the Spring/Summer of that year.

Correction: The series is not set in our timeline, it is set in a purgatory for coppers who have died so history will not be the same.

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Corrected entry: In series two, episode two, why didn't they just pay Dickie Fingers a visit? That way he wouldn't have ended up on the mortuary slab, and any info he had could still have been put to use.

Correction: Just because you'd do something different to the way the characters did it doesn't make it a plot hole.

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Corrected entry: The Ford Cortina used by Gene Hunt has obviously been modified after 1973 as the dashboard fitted to it is from a Cortina mark 4 which started production in 1976 it has a GXL badge on the grille which is correct as this was the top of the range model in the early seventies. But the E badge on the roof pillars and the 2000E badge on the boot are from the later 2000E model which replaced the GXL.

Correction: This car 1s in fact a 1975 cortina 2000E converted to a 1972 GXL model.

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Corrected entry: When Sam arrives at the hospital, the Bedford ambulance parked in the entrance is a late seventies model.

Correction: As Sam was in a coma all the time this is probably due to Sam's memory.

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Corrected entry: Women officers in 1973 were known as PWs (Police Woman) and not WPCs (Woman Police Constable). So Annie should have been referred to as PW Cartwright.not WPC Cartwright. The term WPC did not occur until the Equal Opportunities Act in 1975, which among other things re-defined the role and position of women officers in the Police.

Correction: At the time of writing we don't know if Sam Tyler has gone back in time or is in a coma/insane and imagining everything; if he is imagining it all it's not inconceivable that he would get some details wrong. The company that makes this series meticulously researches aspects of the show and although certain things slip through, some "mistakes" have been left in, in order to guide the viewer as to what is happening to Sam.

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Corrected entry: Throughout the series, you can see some houses with satellite dishes. They did not have satellite dishes in 1973.

Correction: It is implied that Tyler is dreaming, and is not really in 1973.

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