The A-Team

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Revealing mistake: Throughout numerous episodes while the team is supposed to be driving the van, the gear selector can be seen in the "park" position.

Mister Ed

Pros and Cons - S1-E4

Revealing mistake: When Hannibal drives the blue car into the sheriff's office trying to get arrested, the wooden jump ramp is visible.

Mister Ed

Labor Pains - S2-E8

Revealing mistake: The Ballot Box label is written backwards: TOLLAB XOB. May be an indication that the shot was flipped. (41:50).

Good Job!

Waste 'Em! - S3-E21

Revealing mistake: As the garbage truck follows Hannibal's van, when the camera has a wide shot of the goons in the garbage truck, you can the background scenery over the driver's left shoulder never moves.

Movie Nut

Cup A' Joe - S3-E14

Revealing mistake: After Hannibal gets the two goons in the van and takes off, if you look through the driver's window, you can see the van rocking, but the trees behind them aren't moving as they should.

Movie Nut

Cup A' Joe - S3-E14

Revealing mistake: As Hannibal pulls the semi into the loading bay, the dust runs toward the tires from behind rather than away from the front, showing that the shot was run in reverse.

Movie Nut

The Only Church in Town - S2-E3

Revealing mistake: The ground is very firm until the guy B.A. throws lands and you can see the patch of soft area he is to land in.

Recipe for Heavy Bread - S2-E2

Revealing mistake: After the chopper joins the chase, it's easy to tell the difference between the real actors and the stunt crew as their appearance alternates between action angles, and the close ups.

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Murdock: I wish I could just jump in the water and live like a fish.
B.A. Baracus: Shut up fool, you ain't no fish.



At the beginning during the bridge jump scene, the A-Team van changes. It suddenly has round headlights, its hub caps can be seen popping off when it lands, and it doesn't have any spotlights. The real van has double square shaped headlights, steel spoked rims, and spotlights.



Though Dirk Benedict is well known for playing Templeton "Faceman" Peck he didn't play the role in the pilot. The role in the pilot was played by Tim Dunigan.