The A-Team

Factual error: They are present at Frankfurt, Germany. But with a closer look you see a cathedral at the right side. This cathedral and the central station are located in Cologne, Germany - they are about 220 km apart. (01:04:15)


Continuity mistake: In the photo booth scene, Face gives Sosa a phone. Later on, after Hannibal had made a call to Sosa to set up a meeting, Sosa sees an incoming phone call from Face, on the phone presumably given by Face. That phone is a Nokia E71, which is a normal candybar phone. But when she receives the call, the candybar phone suddenly becomes a slider phone.


Continuity mistake: Just before they bust Murdock out of the 2nd insane asylum, Howie's glasses are on or off depending on the angle. [Extended version only]. (01:04:00)

Mr. S

Continuity mistake: When Hannibal and BA are speeding through the desert to save Faceman, the van is covered in dust. When they arrive, the van is shiny and clean.


Other mistake: Towards the end when we see one of the $100 bill plates up close, the plate is not of any money ever put into production in the US. While I know most movies do not try and use actual money, there are things that don't match how real money is made: serial numbers are not on the plates, circle around Ben's head doesn't go to the border, "The United States of America" is missing above the "100" on the left, just to name a few.


Continuity mistake: When Face is stealing from the French reporter, the collar on his jacket and the position of the hand holding the mic changes depending on the shot.


Factual error: When the team's supposedly in Frankfurt, Germany, you can see yellow cabs. Cabs in Germany are always colored sort of dirty white/beige.

Factual error: The German police cars show the number "109" as the emergency telephone code, but the German code to call the police is "110" and "112" for the fire brigade / rescue.

Factual error: There is no desert between Frankfurt and the 44 miles distant city of Mannheim.

Factual error: During the Frankfurt scenes, a lot of cars have a license plate starting with "FF"; eg. FF - AB 1234. FF stands for the eastern German "Frankfurt/Oder" (Frankfurt at the Oder River) and NOT for the west German Frankfurt/Main (Frankfurt at the Main River) where the financial district and the large airport is. There is a distance of 470 kilometers (292 miles) between those cities.

Revealing mistake: When the 2nd BMW SUV is blown up on the dock, you can see the underside of the vehicle which reveals how they removed the drive shaft to help reduce the weight of it in order to flip it easier. There are also 2 jets of white gas seen coming from 2 pipes under the rear bumper which are what launched the vehicle end over end.


Continuity mistake: After Hannibal rescues Murdoch from a psychiatric ward, they are escaping in a military van. Sosa fires several shots at the vehicle and sparks start emerging from the left rear wheel. In the next shot, as the van approaches an airplane, the sparks are now emerging from the rear wheel, then when the vehicle stops no tyres are flat.

Factual error: In the movie, the United States Embassy is in Frankfurt. The embassy is actually in Berlin - any foreign dependency in cities other than a nation's capital is a consulate.

Continuity mistake: When Charissa leaves the base and Murdock plays the guitar, the position and type of stuff on the table behind him totally changes in just two seconds.


Revealing mistake: A couple of times throughout the film, when B.A drives the van, he wheels spins it. The camera goes to the wheel of the van spinning. It's a silver wheel, but all four wheels of the van are jet black and not silver.

Factual error: The action with the C-130 in the air is supposed to be near Mannheim, Germany but there is nowhere near a landscape with forests and lakes like shown after their "landing" in the tank and during/after the AC-130 attack. Certainly not with large shipping vessels as depicted (guess this is somewhere around Vancouver, BC).

Factual error: When they are getting the passports checked they are supposed to be in Germany. The police uniforms are Norwegian and all the signposts are in Norwegian. (01:28:30)

Factual error: The A-Team's highjacked C-130 is said to have been shot down near Mannheim in Baden-W├╝rttemberg County, Germany. Yet, the agents later claim that Murdock drove the tank out of the Wolgastsee, asking a local woman for the way to Berlin. The Wolgastsee is on the island of Usedom in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern County - some 400 to 450 miles away from Mannheim.

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Question: Can a helicopter do barrel rolls and loop-de-loops like Murdock is doing after the A-team leaves the hospital and are being chased to the US border by Tuco?

Answer: They can, but only if they have a set of modified rotor blades to be able to do it. The Apache for one is able to do it. The Huey in the movie however is unlikely in reality to be able to do it - there would be no need to fit the modified rotors to what is essentially a transporter.


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