The A-Team

Other mistake: Towards the end when we see one of the $100 bill plates up close, the plate is not of any money ever put into production in the US. While I know most movies do not try and use actual money, there are things that don't match how real money is made: serial numbers are not on the plates, circle around Ben's head doesn't go to the border, "The United States of America" is missing above the "100" on the left, just to name a few.


Other mistake: In the desert base camp, it is supposedly in the middle of the day or in pretty hot weather, but BA's breath can be seen in one shot.


Other mistake: When Pike chases after BA by rappelling down (using his suit jacket and hand to do so), he uses the same rope Hannibal used to get into the building. Hannibal is seen with a rope bag and when he escapes into the building several stories below, he is seen unhooking but not throwing the bag out the window. Unless that had happened, Pike wouldn't have been able to use the rope to descend to the sidewalk.


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