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Continuity mistake: John "Hannibal" Smith's rank changes from to Colonel to Lieutenant Colonel in different shows. In some of the early episodes we see him in uniform as Lt. Col. but in later episodes such as when they are on trial, Smith is wearing the rank of Full Colonel.

Mister Ed

Mexican Slayride (2) - S1-E2

Continuity mistake: When the team is escaping with Al, BA swipes a truck. After loading everyone in, he puts a pin in to hold the gate on the driver's side. When they meet up with Face & Murdock at the helicopter, Hannibal jumps out, pulls one pin from the passenger's side, and the gate swings down.

The Rabbit Who Ate Las Vegas - S1-E7

Other mistake: When the two women first see the bus pull up and get on, the next scene we see when it picks up BA is the same video footage as when it arrived to pick them up. You can also see the same pink neon lights in the reflection of the bus and bus stop before it quickly cuts away. (00:02:50 - 00:04:20)


The Rabbit Who Ate Las Vegas - S1-E7

Other mistake: As the thug's car gets disabled and the hood flies off, the car swerves, and slows way down. As such, there's no way it had enough momentum to hit the convenient "dirt mound" ramp and do a spectacular flip and roll.

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The Rabbit Who Ate Las Vegas - S1-E7

Continuity mistake: As the chopper that is piloted by Murdock comes down over and behind the thug's car, you can see the the man in the left seat has a ball cap and brown jacket on, but the man in the right seat has a dark sweater, shades, and headphones on. In the close up, it's Murdock and the Professor.

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The Out-of-Towners - S1-E8

Continuity mistake: When the A-Team visits the bad guys' Sugar Hill Club, after shooting the place up and dumping the garbage truck, BA gets out of the garbage truck leaving the door open, the next shot the door is closed, the next shot the door is open and closes, and for the final shot as they exit it's open.


Murdock: I wish I could just jump in the water and live like a fish.
B.A. Baracus: Shut up fool, you ain't no fish.

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Trivia: Though Dirk Benedict is well known for playing Templeton "Faceman" Peck he didn't play the role in the pilot. The role in the pilot was played by Tim Dunigan.

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Chosen answer: The "H" stands for Hector. The "M" is never explained in the series.

dgemba dgemba

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