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Corrected entry: In the episode Driving Miss Lazy, in the beginning scene, the camera zooms in on them coming through the door and you can see some sort of equipment in front of the camera and a very small bit of the backstage.

Correction: That's not crew equipment. Those are pots and pans hanging from the kitchen ceiling.

Brad Premium member

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Corrected entry: In the episode "A Goat's Tale," when Cory is playing a video game on his laptop with a player from China, Cory's screen name is spelt Corey.

Correction: There might have already been someone in the video game with the name "Cory" so he had to adjust it a bit.

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Corrected entry: In the episode "True Colors," when Raven is pretending to be the boss of Sassy's, she is talking to the store manager, and the latex cap covering her hair to make her look bald has the seam showing on her forehead.

Correction: The character "Raven" is wearing a costume in this scene (as she does in nearly every episode), not just the actress Raven. This is not a mistake.

Phixius Premium member

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Corrected entry: In "The Dating Shame", Raven and Chelsea are at one point hanging from a bar for a few minutes on the dating show, which shows they have amazing upper body strength. However, in "Gettin' Outta Dodge" Chelsea says that it's amazing that Raven is holding on to the rope, because she's obviously not strong enough to hold on. Raven then falls after hanging on to the rope for about 20 seconds only.

Correction: In "Gettin' Outta Dodge" Raven was tired after running up lots of stairs to get to the top of the rope, so she had already used up a lot of energy on that.

cameron davies

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Corrected entry: In My Big Fat Pizza Party, Raven is completely taken by surprise when she finds Chelsea had put all the pizza dough together to make a giant pizza, even though in her vision earlier she had seen people standing around a piece of giant pizza clapping. Shouldn't she remember the slice of giant pizza from her vision, since she remembered every single answer to Eddie's test in Test of Friendship?

Correction: Raven was focusing on her dad saying he's never seen the place so packed, instead of what the people were eating.

cameron davies

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