That's So Raven
Episode Title Mistakes
Show generally 8
Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 Party Animal 0
2 Wake Up Victor 0
3 Mother Dearest 0
4 Test of Friendship 0
5 A Fish Called Raven 0
6 Smell of Victory 0
7 Campaign in the Neck 0
8 Saving Psychic Raven 0
9 The Parties 0
10 Ye Olde Dating Game 0
11 Dissin' Cousins 0
12 Teach Your Children Well 0
13 Driven to Insanity 0
14 A Dog by Any Other Name 0
15 Saturday Afternoon Fever 0
16 A Fight at the Opera 0
17 Psychics Wanted 0
18 If I Only Had a Job 0
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Suggested correction: While the other correction is wordy and wrong, the real reason this isn't a mistake is because the episodes were aired out of order they were produced, which means it's not a mistake within the context of the show. "Bend It Like Baxter" (production code 315) was filmed before the previous episode, "Double Vision" (production code 318).


Suggested correction: This series is not meant to be taken in exact chronological order. Most episodes have no dates or time of the year set. Unless we have reference to a date or time period of the year; we have no way of knowing if the continuity is truly off as this series is meant for the episodes to be taken within a generalized time. Not in any specific chronology except for a few where the time period is specific. Neither this episode or the one before it has reference to a date in time.

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Raven: There is nothing that you can say that's gonna get to me.
Muffy: Umm hmm, my shoes are better than yours.
Raven: Thats a lie.

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Trivia: In the season 3 episode "Art Breaker", the art gallery where Chelsea's 'sculpture' is being exhibited is called the Rinsler Gallery. This was named after Dennis Rinsler, a producer of "That's So Raven".

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Answer: She inherited them from her family.

Brad Premium member

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