That's So Raven

Trivia: The school that Raven goes to is called Bayside. This is the name of the school from the hit TV show Saved by the Bell. They also used the set of that school as well and if you've seen Saved by the Bell you will be able to tell.

Trivia: In the season 3 episode "Art Breaker", the art gallery where Chelsea's 'sculpture' is being exhibited is called the Rinsler Gallery. This was named after Dennis Rinsler, a producer of "That's So Raven".

Trivia: In the season 3 episode "Five Finger Discount", while Raven's mom is studying for her law test, she mentions that she is studying the case Brookwell vs. McNamara. Brookwell McNamara Entertainment was the production company that produced season 1-3 of "That's So Raven".

Trivia: In the episode "Five Finger Discount", Kyle Massey stars alongside his real-life brother. His brother played the character Jeremy.

Trivia: In the season 2 episode "Clothes Minded", Principal Lawler reads out the last names of the students so they can pick up their school uniforms, one of which is Pearman. This is a reference to the lead actress' last name. Her full birth name is Raven-Symoné Christina Pearman.

Trivia: Raven-Symoné Christina Pearman is the full name of the star of "That's So Raven". In the episode "He's Got The Power", as the characters watch the TV in the Chill Grill, the news anchor mentions that "Pearman's Comet" can be seen that night for the first time in 100 years.

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