Miami Vice
Episode Title Mistakes
Show generally 0
Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 Brother's Keeper (1 & 2) 2
2 Heart of Darkness 0
3 Cool Runnin' 1
4 The Hit List (1) 0
5 Calderone's Demise (2) 0
6 One-Eyed Jack 0
7 No Exit (a.k.a. Three-Eyed Turtle) 0
8 The Great McCarthy 0
9 Glades 1
10 Give a Little, Take a Little 0
11 Little Prince 0
12 The Milk Run 1
13 Golden Triangle (1) (a.k.a. Score) 0
14 Golden Triangle (2) 0
15 Smuggler's Blues 0
16 Rites of Passage 0
17 The Maze 0
18 Made for Each Other 0
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Sonny Crockett: Do you think this makes us even?
Laurence Thurmond: No, not at all. Is was just the best I had to offer.
Sonny Crockett: Aw, the hell with it. You want to be dead? Bang, you're dead.

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Trivia: Michael Mann was originally against casting Don Johnson. Prior to this TV series, Johnson had starred in four failed TV pilots.

Cubs Fan

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