Battlestar Galactica
Episode Title Mistakes
Show generally0
Season 1
Season 1 generally2
1Saga of a Star World (1)28
2Saga of a Star World (2)3
3Saga of a Star World (3)1
4The Lost Planet of the Gods (1)9
5The Lost Planet of the Gods (2)4
6The Lost Warrior8
7The Long Patrol8
8The Gun on Ice Planet Zero (1)2
9The Gun on Ice Planet Zero (2)5
10The Magnificent Warriors1
11The Young Lords5
12The Living Legend (1)4
13The Living Legend (2)10
14Fire in Space8
15War of the Gods (1)3
16War of the Gods (2)0
17The Man with Nine Lives2
18Murder on the Rising Star0

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