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Battlestar Galactica (1978)

2 mistakes in The Man with Nine Lives

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The Man with Nine Lives - S1-E17

Plot hole: Considering Galactica's mission of protecting the entire fleet, she wouldn't risk having recruits brought aboard that haven't been through a security screening already, especially a pair from a known warrior-like race, both of whom are wearing weapons openly. Nor would they be guarded by a crewman who willingly answers classified questions about locations of decorated Warriors posed by total strangers. Yet all of these gross security oversights occur in this one episode.

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The Man with Nine Lives - S1-E17

Revealing mistake: When one of the Nomen throws his "boles" at a support column, it is obvious in the side shot that the actor never really lets them go, but just turns his hand to block sight of them as his hand drops. The glow can be seen traveling downward, despite the next shot showing the lighted weapon traveling forward.



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