Battlestar Galactica
Battlestar Galactica mistake picture

The Lost Planet of the Gods (2) - S1-E5

Revealing mistake: When Galactica arrives at what they believe is the planet Kobol, Adama, Apollo and Serina all go down to the surface. As they approach the ruins in several shots from behind, the three are obviously, almost laughably, replaced by stand-ins. Adama's white hair is enormous, almost helmet-like, and Apollo's is nearly as bad. Serina's famously long, rump-length hair is suddenly much shorter and she has no gun on her right hip. When the three are seen entering a shot from the left, the normal actors are back, including Jane Seymour's abundant brown hair and her gun. The stand-ins appear again later, in all the exterior shots obviously filmed in Egypt. The normal stars were filmed on studio sets. (00:18:20)


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