Laverne & Shirley
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Laverne De Fazio: Ahhhh! I just said bet your buns to a nun.

Rosie Greenbaum: Usually, Mr. Gunther, it's the bimbo with the bucks.

Rosie Greenbaum: Shirley, is that the sexiest thing you have to wear?
Shirley Feeney: Is there something wrong with this?
Rosie Greenbaum: Shirley, Shirley, ya gotta advertise a little! Put the goods in the window! That's what Big Rosie does.
Laverne De Fazio: Oh yeah? I always thought ya put 'em right out on the street.

Shirley Feeney: Laverne, I'm telling you, flying is safer than driving! Nobody has ever crashed into a cloud.
Laverne De Fazio: Yeah well nobody ever fell 40,000 feet from a DeSoto either.

Shirley Feeney: Laverne! The only kinda parties we've ever been to are bring your own.
Laverne De Fazio: I like bringin' my own... then I know what I'm gettin'.

Shirley Feeney: What did you call that woman again?
Laverne De Fazio: Banana-face.
Shirley Feeney: People do not like to be called fruit.

Squiggy: Hey, what's with all the tropical flora?
Leonard 'Lenny' Kosnowski: Didn't you used to date her?
Squiggy: Nah, that was Teresa DeFluca.

Shirley Feeney: I do not vo-dee-oh-doh-doh.
Laverne De Fazio: You vo-dee-OH.

Squiggy: I woulda worn my tuxedo but my polo pony ate it.

Once Upon a Rumor - S1-E7

Continuity mistake: Lenny wears an Army jacket and wears a bandage around his hand because of something he did in the Army Reserve. Unfortunately, he doesn't join the Army Reserve until the next episode.

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