Ricochet - S2-E5

Audio problem: As John and Gordon are fitting the new component on Thunderbird 5, John says, "It looks like we'll be another two hours before we're back in business. In the meantime, International Rescue is non-operational." But he is voiced by David Graham, not Ray Barrett.

Alias Mr Hackenbacker - S2-E3

Audio problem: When the first reporter asks Saville, "Have you found an answer with Skythrust?", he is voiced by Jeremy Wilkin. When he says "Yeah, captain, make a statement", he now has a completely different voice provided by Paul Maxwell.

Ricochet - S2-E5

Audio problem: When Professor Marshall says "Detonate", her lips don't move.

Atlantic Inferno - S2-E1

Audio problem: When the Atom Sub Reefer Captain says "OK, Lieutenant, dive." it is said by Jeremy Wilkin instead of Ray Barrett.

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