Waking the Dead
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Det. Supt. Peter Boyd: I'll have to have a word with you, please.
Jacqueline Wright: We're going to Longleat.
Det. Supt. Peter Boyd: I'm afraid the lions will have to wait.

DS Spencer Jordan: The computer's full of hard-core.
Det. Supt. Peter Boyd: That's why they call it a hard drive.

Det. Supt. Peter Boyd: You can make the right decision or the wrong decision. The right decision is to put down the weapon and give yourself up. The wrong decision is to shoot me and I sincerely hope you don't do that.

Det. Supt. Peter Boyd: Have you ever surfed the net?
Dr Grace Foley: No. Doesn't appeal to me.
Det. Supt. Peter Boyd: It's unrestricted access to some of the strangest people on the planet. It's perfect for you.

End Game (1) - S8-E7

Revealing mistake: Boyd has a video-conversation with Linda on the phone she sent him. On top of the screen you can see how long the video will last (1 minute and 3 seconds), showing it's a pre-recorded video, not an actual live conversation.


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