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Dark Angel (2000)


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Normal: Well, well, well... so far, your moron colleagues have come up with the following excuses for why you're strolling in here at the crack of noon - you had a dental emergency, your aunt died... again, and my personal favorite from this idiot - you were detained by the sector police for practicing witchcraft. Now, would you care to further insult my intelligence?
Max Guevara: I overslept.

Original Cindy: He's from Manticore, huh? Say what you want - they sure know how to make 'em pretty.
Max Guevera/X5-452: Try spending an afternoon with him. He'll drive you crazy with his laughing, and his talking, and his breathing.
Original Cindy: Sugar, you got issues.

Max Guevara: What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve.

Donald Lydecker: It was the best of you that ran away that night.
Max Guevara: Yeah, well, we wanted to start a rock band.

Jace: Feels like I just woke up from a bad dream.
Max Guevara: I know. One of the reasons why I don't sleep. Let me know if it's a boy or a girl.
Jace: Either way, name's gonna be Max.

Kendra: Where did you find cold-pressed virgin olive oil from Tuscany in this economy?
Max Guevara: I broke into the Italian embassy.

Max Guevara: " think I'll call you Alec, as in Smart Alec.
X5 494/"Alec": I can live with that.
Max Guevara: Good, cuz my second choice was Dick.

Logan Cale: In case you haven't caught on by now, this girl's gonna do what she's gonna do no matter what you or anyone else says, so you've got two choices: back off or pitch in.
Max Guevara: What he said.

Max Guevara: Ready?
X5 494/"Alec": I'm always ready.
Biggs: Funny that's what Lola said.

Max Guevara: What's that?
Alec/X5-494: It's a hole in my body made by a bullet.
Max Guevara: Been there, done that. Check the news.

Original Cindy: Damn girl, what's in those pills?
Max Guevara: Spinach.

Sketchy: You guys want to head back to Jam Pony?
Original Cindy: He can't.
Herbal: Not for a half hour.
Sketchy: Why not?
Herbal: Normal said if I made two more runs before lunch, he going to make me employee of the week.

Max Guevara: Are you sure about all this? Pierpont Lemkin and the Taliban after some Star Wars widget in a robotic arm somewhere? Next thing you're gonna tell me aliens are involved.
Logan Cale: Wouldn't rule it out.

Max Guevara: You heard the man.
Mole: Well this sucks.
Alec/X5-494: I fought the law and the law won.

Max Guevara: Guys are the weaker sex.

Ben: Nothing went wrong with me! I'm doing what I was made to do, what we were taught to do.
Max Guevara: Hunt people down to perform amateur dental surgery? I must've missed that class.

Max: Guess we're just gonna have to get their attention, then.
Alec: Please tell me you're gonna get naked.

Donald Lydecker: Alcoholism is not a disease, it's a failing. You've turned it into a church. You worship the altar of self-pity. I come to these rooms for one reason, to remember what I don't want to become... helpless, impotent, and weak.

Max Guevara: I'm not that high-minded. Lydecker's the one guy that knows what's going on in this freak show body of mine... Whether or not this bar code has an expiration date. I guess I couldn't let him die with that secret.
Logan Cale: Whatever you have to tell yourself. Fact is, you saved a man's life.
Max Guevara: A bad man.

Max Guevara: We'll play "pin the name on the barcode" later.

Pilot (2) - S1-E2

Continuity mistake: At the end, Max goes to see Logan. She walks up to and leans on the same metal frame twice, once with the camera on her and once with it on Logan. (01:21:50)


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Pilot (1) - S1-E1

Trivia: When Max is leaving her apartment building you see a grafitti painting of Eyes Only. You may not notice it because the character hasn't been introduced yet.

Maria Santos

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Show generally

Question: This may seem a bit stupid, but I'm new to the show, and didn't start with the pilot: what is that place where Max, Cindy, Sketch, etc. hang out (Where Normal works)? Judging by the presence of lockers, I would assume it's a gym.

Answer: It's their job. They are bike messengers and have lockers to hold personal stuff.

shortdanzr Premium member

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