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Trivia: This was the first show to go to the hospital when a baby was born on a show.

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Trivia: When Lucy was pregnant with Little Ricky, CBS would not allow the word "pregnant", so "expecting" was used instead.

Trivia: Did you know that the original names for the Ricardos would have been Lucy and Larry Lopez? In the lost pilot episode, the voiceover says "You are about to see the pilot episode of the show that was almost I Love Lopez."

Trivia: On January 19th 1953, when Lucy Ricardo gave birth to Little Ricky on I Love Lucy, which 68% of U.S. TV sets tuned in to watch, Lucille Ball also gave birth to Desi Arnaz Jr. (in a planned C-section) on the same night. Newborn Desi Jr. was featured on the very first national cover of TV Guide. As a strange coincidence, on January 19th, exactly 43 years later, Marlee Matlin gave birth to her daughter at the same time that the evening's episode of Picket Fences was being aired, and her character on the show, Laurie Bey, was giving birth to a son.

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Trivia: I Love Lucy was the first TV show to shoot episodes on high-quality film, rather than cheaper video tape. The network was opposed to this more expensive shooting method, but Desi Arnaz struck a deal with them that his production company, Desilu, would pay the extra costs in exchange for ownership of the filmed episodes. In what is considered one of the most lucrative deals in television history, Arnaz and Lucille Ball made millions of dollars from rerun residuals.

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Trivia: I Love Lucy was the first TV show to use the three-camera filming technique. It was developed by cameraman Karl Freund and Desi Arnaz, who was the show's producer as well as its co-star. Cameras were placed center stage, stage right, and stage left. The film footage was later edited together to show the action from different angles. This method is considered standard and is still in use today.

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Trivia: Mary Jane Croft played 3 different characters: Betty Ramsey, Evelyn Bigsby and Cynthia Harcourt.


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Lucy Gets Ricky on the Radio - S1-E32

Visible crew/equipment: At the start, after Fred and Ethel walk in, when Lucy and Ethel walk away from the kitchen shutters carrying things, the stage microphone and stand can be seen at the right side of the screen. (Later in the episode, when Lucy and Ricky appear in the quiz segment an identical microphone is on stage with them). (00:00:35)

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Ricky Ricardo: Fred, how often is Ethel's checking account overdrawn?
Fred Mertz: Never.
Ricky Ricardo: Never? How do you manage that?
Ethel Mertz: It's easy. I never had enough money at one time to open a checking account.
Fred Mertz: She spends money like I'm printing it in the basement.

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Drafted - S1-E9

Question: Why would Ethel think Fred's enlisted? He wouldn't be allowed in due to his age right? I know the plot yet this thinking makes no sense.


Answer: There is no reason. It's a just a silly plot device, typical of the era. Women characters were often portrayed as making uninformed assumptions or decisions.

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