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Hey Arnold! (1996)

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Mugged / Roughin' It - S1-E9

Corrected entry: At the end of the first training scene (when Arnold first tries to catch the fly), one of Arnold's feet has no toes; also, just before Arnold falls down the chimney, he has three arms.


Correction: No he doesn't have three arms. You are either mistaking his foot when it pops up for a third arm or your mistaking his two arms for three when we see his arms move quickly and the cartoonist make it look a little like he has more than two arms to show his falling like they often do in cartoons.

Girl Trouble / School Dance - S3-E18

Continuity mistake: Besides the fact that when Helga is sharpening her pencil, the desk arrangement changes, one of the students visible when she looks at Arnold is...Helga.

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Helga's Makeover/The Old Building - S1-E4

Trivia: Helga walks by the "Law Office of Garcia, James A."; Tricia Garcia is the storyboard artist for this episode.

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