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Trivia: Episode 19, "Sects." This is based on the true story of Ricky Rodriguez and the start of the episode is almost identical to his final hours. Rodriguez was the son of "Children of God" cult leader Karen Zerby. He decided to exact revenge on his mother for the years of abuse he suffered in the cult as a child. Rodriquez tried to locate his mother through a member of the group and subsequently stabbed her to death. Shortly after murdering the woman, Rodriguez shot himself.

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Hindsight - S16-E21

Other mistake: When they are showing the rap sheets for the Cambodian man, the race on the sheet says Caucasian when he is Asian, and for the African American man, the sex says "F" when he is male.

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Det. Lennie Briscoe: We got a hit on the fake fur.
Det. Rey Curtis: Yeah, you'll never guess what they make them out of.
Lt. Anita Van Buren: Recycled soda bottles. What else did you find out?

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