Star Trek

Assignment: Earth - S2-E26

Trivia: Robert Lansing was the only guest star to have his name listed after the teaser and intial opening credits, during the beginning of Act I.

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Assignment: Earth - S2-E26

Trivia: This episode was originally intended to be a pilot episode for a spin-off show for the character Gary Seven. This is why Robert Lansing's name appears at the start of the show.

Assignment: Earth - S2-E26

Trivia: At the very end, in talking about the future of the two characters, Spock says, "We could say that Mr. Seven and Miss Lincoln have some interesting experiences in store for them." While this seems like a strange thing for him to say, this episode was a "backdoor pilot" for a spinoff series with the same title (see Teri Garr's Wikipedia entry). But the idea wasn't sold and Mr. Seven and Miss Lincoln never had any further interesting experiences. The Enterprise's history log was evidently wrong.

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