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2 corrected entries in Bread and Circuses

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Bread and Circuses - S2-E25

Corrected entry: The sword Spock is carrying disappears between leaving the cell and the group exiting down the corridor. No one else in the shot appears to have taken possession of it. (00:21:50)

Jean G

Correction: Spock does hand the sword to one of the submachine gun-armed guards before they are escorted down the corridor.


Bread and Circuses - S2-E25

Corrected entry: We hear about "Hodgkin's' Law of Parallel Planet Development" but it still seems unlikely that this planet is going to have the same names for its deities as Earth's ancient Rome.

Correction: The Universal Translators adapt indigenous languages and terms into the closest Terran equivalent. The planet's deities' names may have been different.

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