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Lizzie McGuire (2001)

3 mistakes in season 2

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Party Over Here - S2-E18

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the episode when Kate is inviting Lizzie, Gordo, and Miranda to her party and they read the invitation it says she is turning 14 but in Season 1 Episode 30 Gordo's Video, in Gordos video Kate tells Claire she's already 14.

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Suggested correction: Kate soon turning 14 is a running gag in the show. She is canonically hiding her real age, so it makes sense that she lied about her birthday party and only confessed to her best friend about her real age. This running gag becomes more clear when Mrs. McGuire asks how old Kate is turning, to which she replies with "14" and Mrs. McGuire starts chuckling and says "sure."

Jo McGuire: Well, I can't speak for Lanny.
Sam McGuire: Somebody's got to.

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Rated Aargh - S1-E18

Trivia: When Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo enter the cinema to watch "Vesuvius: The Eruption" if you looks closely at the poster for the movie behind them, you can see it has "A Stan Rogow Film" printed near the bottom. Stan Rogow is an executive producer of the show Lizzie McGuire.

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