Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

The Green Candle (2) - S1-E35

Trivia: Jason David Frank, who played Tommy, left the show in the episode because his powers had been stolen by the Green Candle. However, he had become the most popular member of the Power Team, despite the original plan being just to temporarily have him on the show. Saban received large amounts of letters daily requesting Frank be brought back. The company eventually gave in and brought Frank back in the episode "Return of an Old Friend." He was returned to Green Ranger status in part 2.

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The Rockstar - S1-E30

Trivia: Tommy, played by Jason David Frank, did not appear in this episode, despite being listed in the opening credits, and the Green Ranger powers being active.

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The Spit Flower - S1-E24

Trivia: During one scene, you can see the custom motorcycles used in the Japanese version of the show in the background - the American Rangers weren't given these cycles.

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