The Cosby Show

An Early Spring - S2-E21

Corrected entry: When Clair is sitting on the front porch talking to Mrs. Westlake, she is wearing a purple plaid dress with fringe on the sleeves, but minutes later when she is in the kitchen with Vanessa and Denise, she is wearing a tan pantsuit with a red sweater.

Correction: While it may have been just a few minutes in real time, it wasn't just a few minutes in TV time. After the opening scene, the next scene is Dr. Huxtable finishing up his doctor's appointment with Mrs. Westlake, so plenty of time has passed for Clair to have changed out of her work clothes.


Theo and the Older Woman - S2-E5

Corrected entry: This episode takes place before Halloween, and Theo is 15. This puts his birthday before October. In season 1, on Thanksgiving (episode 10 "Bonjour Sondra") Theo is 14. Later on in the show in the following year, the family celebrates Cliff's birthday which is in October (Cliff mentions this in the episode "Fathers day") and Theo is still 14. How could he have been the same age when a full year went by?


Correction: Theo's birthday was noted to be October 21st (before Halloween). Cliff's birthday is in October and would be before the 21st, so Theo would still be 14, although about to turn 15.


Cliff in Love - S2-E4

Corrected entry: When Darryl arrives for the date, Cliff sends Theo upstairs to get Sondra, but Theo had just left Sondra in the kitchen. Why didn't he go back into the kitchen if he knew that's where she was?


Correction: Because Cliff had come downstairs after Theo left the kitchen. Theo was watching TV long enough for Sondra to go back upstairs where Cliff would have seen/heard her.


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