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Can I Say Something, Please? - S5-E17

Corrected entry: When Cliff and Clair are talking about Rudy and their rules and mentions the other children, Clair said that Sondra dropped out of law school. But at this point in the series, she has not yet attended law school.


Correction: While she technically did not go to law school she decided not to go just after she graduated from Princeton and was to start law school. Clair could have seen it as dropping out of law school.

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There's No Place Like This Home - S8-E2

Corrected entry: Early in this episode, as one of the couples walks through the kitchen door into the living room, you can see a hand on the door pulling it closed.


Correction: I searched for this scene. I couldn't find it. Please be more specific about what couple walks through the door, what they were talking about or doing.

Denise: The Saga Continues - S6-E1

Corrected entry: While getting ready for bed, Clair complains to Cliff that she had to cut Olivia's food behind Denise's back during dinner; but in the previous scene, Cliff offers to take Clair out to dinner alone because there are too many kids in the house (Theo, Vanessa, and Rudy have all their friends over), so how can Clair cut Olivia's food if she was out to dinner with Cliff?


Correction: As you stated, Cliff offers to take her out to dinner, but we never hear her accept the offer, nor do we see them out to dinner alone. And, even if they did go out to dinner alone, Clair could still have cut Olivia's food during Olivia's dinner before or after going out.


An Early Spring - S2-E21

Corrected entry: When Clair is sitting on the front porch talking to Mrs. Westlake, she is wearing a purple plaid dress with fringe on the sleeves, but minutes later when she is in the kitchen with Vanessa and Denise, she is wearing a tan pantsuit with a red sweater.

Correction: While it may have been just a few minutes in real time, it wasn't just a few minutes in TV time. After the opening scene, the next scene is Dr. Huxtable finishing up his doctor's appointment with Mrs. Westlake, so plenty of time has passed for Clair to have changed out of her work clothes.


Theo and the Older Woman - S2-E5

Corrected entry: This episode takes place before Halloween, and Theo is 15. This puts his birthday before October. In season 1, on Thanksgiving (episode 10 "Bonjour Sondra") Theo is 14. Later on in the show in the following year, the family celebrates Cliff's birthday which is in October (Cliff mentions this in the episode "Fathers day") and Theo is still 14. How could he have been the same age when a full year went by?


Correction: Theo's birthday was noted to be October 21st (before Halloween). Cliff's birthday is in October and would be before the 21st, so Theo would still be 14, although about to turn 15.


Hillman - S3-E25

Corrected entry: Denise takes a puppy calendar off the wall and covers her sexy man calendar with it so her mom won't see. When her mom comes in her room, you can still see the puppy calendar on the wall that Denise took it from. When they leave the room, the puppy calendar is now covering the man calendar again.


Correction: Denise puts the puppy calendar over the man calendar before her mom comes in. It stayed there the whole time, it never reappeared in it's original place.

Play It Again, Vanessa - S1-E8

Corrected entry: When Cliff and Theo are playing chess, Theo never starts the clock to start his turn, he just moves and stops the clock.


Correction: There is no mistake in this scene - both Cliff and Theo used the chess clock correctly. It's not Theo's job to start the clock before his turn, his clock started when Cliff stopped his. (And the scene starts in the middle of the game).


The Shower - S3-E19

Corrected entry: In the scene in which Clair and Cliff are talking in the kitchen and Clair has her back turned to Cliff at the sink, the camera goes from Clair and the flowers - which are still wrapped in paper - cuts briefly to Cliff, and then back to Clair, who is now facing him with the flowers all perfectly arranged in water in the vase behind her.


Correction: That's because throughout the whole scene you can see her unwrap the flowers and move them into the vase. There is no mistake.


The Locker Room - S4-E12

Corrected entry: When Lionel comes in, we don't see him hanging any jacket, but when he goes out, he grabs one and puts it on.


Correction: When Lionel comes in, he's wearing his jacket and walks to the coat rack while he and Theo are talking. You see him start to take off the jacket and when the camera cuts to Theo, he has plenty of time to finish removing it and put it on the coat rack. When the camera cuts back to Lionel, he's walking away from the coat rack and you see his jacket hung up on it.


Rudy's All-Nighter - S5-E3

Corrected entry: When Cliff calls Caroline's father, Cliff simply picks up the phone and starts talking to her father without dialing any numbers.


Correction: This is wrong. After Cliff picks up the phone, you see him pushing the buttons on the telephone before talking to Caroline's father.


Father's Day - S1-E13

Corrected entry: Cliff says in the beginning that he has the day off, but when the kids go shopping it shows him at work in his office.


Correction: Watch the episode again. Cliff says he's enjoying his "morning off", not day. He still had to go into work. Since the kids went shopping after school, Cliff was at work in the late afternoon.


Period of Adjustment - S7-E4

Corrected entry: After Pam is introduced to the girls, Clair leaves Pam alone in the living room. She later returns with three glasses of apple juice. How did Clair know that Cliff had entered the room while she was gone?


Correction: Because the living room is right next to the kitchen and Cliff's voice carries so she knew he was there talking to Pam. And she had been in there long enough that even if she prepared just 2 glasses, she had time to get a 3rd glass prepared.


Cliff in Love - S2-E4

Corrected entry: When Darryl arrives for the date, Cliff sends Theo upstairs to get Sondra, but Theo had just left Sondra in the kitchen. Why didn't he go back into the kitchen if he knew that's where she was?


Correction: Because Cliff had come downstairs after Theo left the kitchen. Theo was watching TV long enough for Sondra to go back upstairs where Cliff would have seen/heard her.


A Shirt Story - S1-E5

Corrected entry: When asked about the $95 Theo said that if he lived to be 90 years old that would be like a dollar a year. In this episode Theo is 14 years old, as stated by Cliff. If Theo wanted to equate his age to the value of the shirt he would need to live to 109 years old.


Correction: The character is shown to be dumb and bad in math obviously. But also, he does say "like", showing he's speaking approximately.


Bad Dreams - S1-E3

Corrected entry: When Cliff dials the phone number to Vanessa's friend, it's obvious that he dialed "3" instead of "2", and still got the right number.


Correction: Vanessa said the number "3" and when Cliff dials it he does in fact press "3" to call her bluff and call her friend.

Calling Doctor Huxtable - S3-E17

Corrected entry: When Cliff speaks to the Hispanic couple at the hospital, the wife replies "Como?" because she does not understand English. Typically, native Hispanics who don't understand English will reply either "Que?" (What?) or "No comprendo" (I don't understand) when they address you if you try to talk to them in English. "Como" is actually "how" in Spanish.


Correction: This observation is incorrect. Depending on how it's used 'como' has more than one meaning: '¿Cómo?' in question form can be translated as 'what?', 'excuse me?' or 'come again?' It is not unusual to hear a native Spanish speaker ask a question as such.

Andalusian Flu - S3-E22

Corrected entry: There isn't such thing as the Andalusian Flu.


Correction: Andalusia is an autonomous community of Spain, hence the title is a joke referring to the Spanish flu.

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Monster Man Huxtable - S3-E13

Corrected entry: Cliff comes down to get Theo and Elvin for dinner. He says "Are you going to come up for dinner or should I throw some raw meat down there." But then he does the reflex test and the Sondra comes down and says its time for her and Elvin to leave. So they never ate dinner, though that's why Cliff came down in the first place.

Correction: I don't see how this is a plot hole. Maybe they just were not hungry, maybe they had other plans. Just because a visitor leaves just before a meal is served that is not a plot hole.

Show generally

Corrected entry: In every establishing shot of the Huxtable's house, it shows that they live in a group of houses (one is next to the other). So why do they have a window in their living room and in the parents bedroom? All they would see is their neighbors.

Correction: It could be possible that the bedroom is facing the front or the rear of the house. And I can't recall ever seeing a window in the living room.

For Men Only - S8-E9

Corrected entry: When Russell is first playing Nintendo, he's holding the controller upside down.

Correction: Since he is an old man and doesn't play Nintendo, he just doesn't realize he's not holding it correctly.

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