The Cosby Show
Episode Title Mistakes
Show generally2
Season 1
Season 1 generally0
2Mr. Fish (a.k.a. Goodbye, Mr. Fish)2
3Bad Dreams0
4Is That My Boy?0
5A Shirt Story0
6Breaking With Tradition1
7One More Time0
8Play It Again, Vanessa0
9How Ugly Is He?0
10Bon Jour Sondra0
11You're Not a Mother Night0
12Rudy's Sick1
13Father's Day1
14Independence Day0
15Physician of the Year0
16Jitterbug Break0
17Theo and the Joint0
18Vanessa's New Class0

Theo's Flight - S3-E7

Audio problem: When Cliff asks Rudy what's her boyfriend's name, you can hear a man off-camera saying "Bud" before Rudy answers.

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Theo: You two are the most obnoxious people that I ever met.
Rudy: Thank you, your grumpiness.

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Trivia: Carl Anthony Payne II (Cockroach) was fired from 'The Cosby Show' by Bill Cosby because he refused to get a haircut.

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