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Season 1 generally

Corrected entry: When Brian is yelling at Alan in one of the earlier episodes he calls him Alan 'Stranraer' Johnson (his middle name is an insult to the fact that he was late to the club) but later on when he and Lez are doing 'The Karate Kid' show a poster outside says Alan's last name is Dalton, not Johnson.

Correction: He has a stage name. Equity will not allow two members to use the same professional name, and Alan Johnson is a very common name. Too bad if you are called John Smith, but them's the breaks.

Season 1 Episode 5 - S1-E5

Corrected entry: During the introductions in Robot Wars Brian asks a man if that is his robot, the man says something like "the correct term is an automaton." This is actually incorrect. An automaton is programmed with tasks to do, and does them when he thinks they are necessary according to his programming, but a robot such as the one in the episode has no intelligence of its own and only responds to commands from the controller.

troy fox

Correction: Automaton and robot can be interchangeable terms:


Season 1 Episode 3 - S1-E3

Corrected entry: Brian is telling Keith Lard about when he was at the gym and he got his car clamped. This wouldn't have happened as his car is a Disability car and it is against the law to clamp them.

troy fox

Correction: I work for Westminster Council, and on an average day we deal with about THIRTY disabled badge holders who have had their cars ticketed, clamped or even impounded. It shouldn't happen, but it does.

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