Phoenix Nights

Trivia: Actor Patrick McGuinness, who plays Paddy the doorman is actually Peter Kay's best friend in real life. They also appear in a John Smith advert together.


Trivia: If you watch throughout the entire series when Brian Potter calls people on their mobile phone. The display name is IRONSIDE. This is actually a reference to an American detective who was in a wheelchair, played by Raymond Burr.


Trivia: The old name of the "Phoenix Club" used to be the "Neptune". Brian mentions it to Bev in series 1 (he said it flooded or something.) It is also mentioned the program "That Peter Kay Thing".

Trivia: There are a lot of running jokes that Peter Kay uses, if you have seen his two live shows then you will have heard 'Garlic bread?' and 'Cheese cake?' in the first episode of series one they use the same joke for 'Head sets?' also the 'I said ping pong balls, not King Kong's balls.' is used in series two, as well as Kay's second live show.

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Trivia: Brian Potter is played by Peter Kay. Peter also plays Max, the doorman and the fire detective in Series 1.

Season 2 Episode 1 - S2-E1

Trivia: When Brian goes to Blackpool, we seem him in his wheelchair next to some tram tracks, moving towards the camera. There is some flowers and a note saying 'In Memory of Alan', then a date, something like 07.11.1989. This is a reference to a Coronation Street character, Alan Bradley, who died after being hit by a tram in Blackpool.

Trivia: Spencer can be seen throughout both series. He plays the unknown DJ in series 1, episode 1, and later as part of the drama group in series 1, episodes 4-6. He then, of course, plays barman Spencer throughout series 2.

Season 1 Episode 4 - S1-E4

Trivia: When Brian is dating Bev, she sends back the pearl necklace when they break up and if you look closely at the return address on the back the name is "Beverly Hilscopto", AKA: Beverly Hills Cop II.

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