Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap (1989)

1 continuity mistake in Raped - June 20, 1980

Raped - June 20, 1980 - S4-E6

Continuity mistake: In the scene in the courtroom, when Kevin is being questioned by the prosecutor, she introduces several photos of Katie to the judge. The judge keeps two or three of them, and the prosecutor carries one to the witness stand. As she is carrying it to the stand, it can be seen that it is a photo of Katie wearing a dark top, with what appears to be a fluorescent light over Katie's head. The prosecutor then places the photo on the stand for Kevin to view, and it shows Katie wearing a white hospital gown with blue dots. After the prosecutor questions Kevin, the defense attorney walks over to the stand and picks up the photo. This time, it shows Katie in a red v-neck top, with no light above Katie's head.




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