The Library Kid - S3-E15

Continuity mistake: When the Library Kid speaks for the first time, you see a shot of the gang, T.J's hat and hair colour are mixed up.

Principal for a Day - S2-E23

Continuity mistake: When TJ makes the morning announcements, in the first scene of the classroom we see a boy in a blue hat sitting in the back row. After TJ says that the kids can refuse to answer a teacher, the same kid is suddenly sitting in the second row so he can slap hands with someone in the first row.


The Big Prank - S4-E2

Continuity mistake: When TJ's friends climb on on the jungle gym to try and take TJ's place, we see that Gretchen is the last one up and there is no one on the bars behind her. But in the next long shot, Mikey is right behind her. Then when it shows a close up of them, Mikey is gone again.


Call Me Guy - S4-E10

Factual error: When Gus walks in, all kinds of kids have their backpacks on, like they just got there. Then Jordan asks Gus when he got there, which was 7:58, just a couple of minutes ago. Then TJ says, "Who's up for some kickball?" But it is already after 8:00, meaning they would be late.

The Big Prank - S4-E2

Plot hole: Why did Mikey jump to make the feathers fly if Vince said to abort? When TJ gets hit by the feathers, he's on the 'X marks the spot.' But when he got honeyed, he was nowhere near it. Before TJ gets feathered, He gets up onto his feet, like he had fallen down. But he was still standing when Mikey fired the feathers.

One Stayed Clean - S3-E1

Continuity mistake: In the beginning, the kids are outside the school, and Mikey says, "Last?" But the sign says the fourth graders are right after the 3rd graders, right where they should be.

Beyond a Reasonable Scout - S5-E3

Other mistake: Phil the Scout ties a rope to Mikey's see-saw end's handle to lower Gus down without hurting him. Couldn't Mikey just climb off and hold the see-saw down with his hands and lowered Gus's end down slowly?

The Shiner - S3-E9

Factual error: In the beginning, right before the class is noticing TJ's shiner, Ms. Grotke says, "Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President..." which is true, but on the poster behind her, it says "Abraham Lincoln, 14th President."

The Kid Came Back - S1-E12

Other mistake: In the episode, "the peanut butter kid", he is always eating his sandwich and it always seems like he only took a bite out of it and sometimes it went all the way back to the top. How could that be, he couldn't be chewing the entire time.

Randall's Reform - S1-E18

Factual error: At the end when Ms. Finster tells Randall to give her the names of the kids involved with the ball incident, she says to list them in alphabetical order. The first name Randall says is "Dettweiler, T.J." But "Blumberg, Mikey" would actually come before that, and given what we know of Randall, this isn't the kind of mistake he is likely to make.


Big Brother Chad - S1-E8

Continuity mistake: When Vince's family is eating dinner, Chad's bow tie changes at least twice from red to black.


Speedy, We Hardly Knew Ye - S1-E10

Factual error: Near the middle of this episode, Gretchen says hamsters don't hibernate. They do, it just depends on the time of year and if it's a wild hamster.

I Will Kick No More Forever - S1-E11

Other mistake: When the gang go to visit vince in his house, it shows vince watching a video of a kickball game. but kids most definitely wouldn't be able to bring a video camera in to school, and it most probably would be confiscated by miss finster.

cameron davies

The New Kid - S1-E2

Continuity mistake: In the beginning, Gus' dad steps aside to reveal Gus behind him. Then, he says, "Well, my duty here is done. Mrs. Grotke, boys and girls," and then salutes them and walks away. He has moved back behind Gus. He had no time to move to that position.

The Great Can Drive - S1-E20

Plot hole: Near the end, at the assembly, the old lady sitting on stage can't even lift the turkey. But about 90 seconds later, she's running away from the can pyramid. What a miraculous recovery.

The Great Jungle Gym Stand Off - S1-E21

Factual error: When TJ says that he and the rest of the gang met at old rusty, it shows you a flashback and the kindergartners are wild, but they only became wild when Gus arrives later (as said in All Growed Down).

cameron davies

Kindergarten Derby - S3-E5

Audio problem: When Tubby is about to win the race, Mikey shouts "Run Tubby run" in Spinelli's voice.

Jinxed - S1-E22

Continuity mistake: After Mrs. Finster has her show of strength and is pulling Gus away, he still has the chains from the wheel on his arm. When the shot changes, the chains are gone.

Omega Kids - S2-E16

Factual error: In the beginning, when everything on the playground is swamped out, there is a see-saw in the front of the playground doors. It is never ever seen again in an episode of Recess. For example, in "The Great Jungle Gym Standoff", Ms. Finster comes out those doors and asks T.J. what he is doing.

The Secret Life of Grotke - S4-E32

Plot hole: In the scene where T.J. and his pals are trying to find the password to the building, they are using a cup telephone. When the man talks, they can hear him, but when the kids talk, the men on the other side can't hear them.

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