Hereafter - S3-E12

Plot hole: During Clark's rescuing Lana from the fire in the basement, Clark wakes Lana just before he is grabbed by the coach. Clark then tosses the coach all the way across the room and into a wall. Lana makes no mention of how Clark could toss a full grown man across a room like that even though it happens right in front of her face.

Hereafter - S3-E12

Plot hole: Outside the school, as Clark is talking to Jordan, there is a lot of people in the surrounding area. Clark looks up and sees the coach standing in the street and the car slams on its brakes to avoid hitting him, this causes the tires to screech thus drawing attention to the incident. Clark realizes that the coach is about to be hit by the car and uses his super speed to save him. Yet nobody seems to wonder how he suddenly appeared next to the coach just in the nick of time.

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