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Claire and Present Danger - S8-E8

Corrected entry: During the close ups of Michelle as she listens to Gia and Stephanie discussing how great it would be to be sisters, you can see what appears to be a camera on the right hand side of the screen. (00:07:30)

Correction: Comet is sitting next to Michelle - that is what you are seeing.

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Air Jesse - S8-E16

Corrected entry: When Joey shot the ball behind the line, it should have counted for 2 points. Even the ref (played by Kareem Abdul Jabar), raised his hands, signaling 2 points, but they were only given 1 point.

Correction: At the beginning of the game, DJ said the game goes until someone gets 12 baskets, therefore, each shot counts as 1.

Comet's Excellent Adventure - S8-E1

Corrected entry: When the girls come back from Nelson's yard, and he invites them to come aboard his yacht, the camera cuts to Stephanie who says "sounds great" but her lips do not match. It looks as if she says "yea."


Correction: Kimmy is saying sure sounds great and Stephanie says yeah that'd be fun at the same time. Stephanie is just much quieter. The camera is on Stephanie but the heard line is Kimmy.

Michelle Rides Again (1) - S8-E23

Corrected entry: How could Michelle have hit her head and fainted when she was wearing a helmet?


Correction: The helmet would only prevent her skull from being fractured. She can still be knocked out considering the rate she was riding at.

On the Road Again - S8-E7

Corrected entry: Becky reminds Jesse that her mother initially wasn't happy when she started dating Jesse, but that doesn't seem quite right. First of all, Becky's parents didn't even meet Jesse until the night before their wedding in Season 4, and when they did, Becky's mother was delighted with him. If either parent had a problem with Jesse, it was Becky's father, so this comment from Becky doesn't make sense.


Correction: There is no mistake here. Parents, especially mothers, don't have to meet the boyfriend face-to-face before disliking him. In Becky's case, there was a lot not to like about Jesse. But once they saw how happy Becky was and finally met Jesse (like in so many real-life instances), they grew to like him.


Air Jesse - S8-E16

Corrected entry: When Jesse takes the final shot and wins the game, Stephanie and Becky are shown standing in the bleachers in awe. However, when Jesse asks Becky and the twins about the shot, Becky claims that she was taking the twins to the bathroom, despite standing up and cheering when the shot was made.

Correction: I paused at this point and saw Stephanie in the bleachers with an empty seat beside her. I never saw Becky in the bleachers while Jesse was making his winning shot, which means Becky was true to her word about taking the twins to the bathroom during that final play of the game.

You Pet It, You Bought It - S8-E6

Corrected entry: When Danny signs for the picture of his great-great grandfather, you see him signing but when he turns around there is no clipboard in the deliveryman's hand.


Correction: I didn't see Danny sign for the picture...one hand stays on the doorknob while the other one gives the guy a tip before accepting the package. No signatures.

You Pet It, You Bought It - S8-E6

Corrected entry: When Danny tells Michelle she will have to clean up after Shorty, she says it's not a problem since she already cleans up after her pet hamster. When did she get a hamster, and where is it in the house? The only pet we've ever been shown is Comet.


Correction: Just because her hamster has never been shown doesn't mean that she doesn't own one.

Stephanie's Wild Ride - S8-E9

Corrected entry: When the adults were fighting over the video game, Michelle comes and takes the game out and eventually puts it back in. The video game system is the Super Nintendo. In order to take the game out or put it in, you have to turn off the power button or else the game cannot come out or put back in. Michelle never turned off the power switch.

Correction: I have a Super Nintendo and on mine you don't have to turn the power off to take out the game. If you don't turn the power off then the screen is frozen on a picture of the game.

Air Jesse - S8-E16

Corrected entry: When everyone leaves, Jesse throws the ball and it misses to the left. He stands there and you can see a hand and a white sleeve toss the ball back.

Correction: There was a person there throwing the ball back, but it doesn't necessarily mean it's a mistake. They're at a public basketball court, so it is possible there could be other people there. You can see an entire half of a person there and throw Jesse back the ball. The person had a white shirt, with a sweater and white shoes. The reason the person was there is he or she could have come up to pet the dog which was there, too. Nothing unusual. When Jesse threw the ball and missed, it landed right next to the dog and startled it, causing the dog to run away. The person who came up to pet the dog kindly threw the ball back and walked away. Not exactly a mistake.


Taking the Plunge - S8-E19

Corrected entry: DJ and Nelson take Nelson's private jet to stop Kimmy's wedding, but Danny and Jesse make it there only minutes after. How did they manage that? They read the note quite a while later, had to drive to the airport, check the flights, buy tickets and wait till the plane takes off.

Correction: For one thing, if you have a private plane, you don't just go to the airport, hop into your plane, fly off and then park and go. There are procedures that have to take place such as filing a flight plan, waiting for a turn on the runway (which might take a while for an "unscheduled" flight), etc. then there is more that the pilot/owner is responsible for upon landing. Secondly, the private plane facilities aren't usually as conveniently located as the commercial ones and might even be at totally different airports. Third, most private jets fly about 100 mph slower than commercial jets.


I've Got a Secret - S8-E4

Corrected entry: Kimmy goes to a baseball game with Nelson (most likely a Giants game considering they live in San Francisco) and gets hit in the neck with a foul ball at the game. Kimmy explains she was attempting to pinch the bat boy, but missed and "got a handful of Tommy Lasorda." Kimmy's bruise is on the left side of her neck, which means she was sitting along the first base line. However, Lasorda was the manager/3rd base coach for the Los Angeles Dodgers at the time of the TV series. How could she have pinched him all the way from the 1st base side of the field?

Correction: Obviously, she couldn't pinch anybody on the field from the stands. Since she went down on the field, she could have been anywhere - where her seat was doesn't matter.


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