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Taking the Plunge - S8-E19

Corrected entry: DJ and Nelson take Nelson's private jet to stop Kimmy's wedding, but Danny and Jesse make it there only minutes after. How did they manage that? They read the note quite a while later, had to drive to the airport, check the flights, buy tickets and wait till the plane takes off.

Correction: For one thing, if you have a private plane, you don't just go to the airport, hop into your plane, fly off and then park and go. There are procedures that have to take place such as filing a flight plan, waiting for a turn on the runway (which might take a while for an "unscheduled" flight), etc. then there is more that the pilot/owner is responsible for upon landing. Secondly, the private plane facilities aren't usually as conveniently located as the commercial ones and might even be at totally different airports. Third, most private jets fly about 100 mph slower than commercial jets.


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In episode 10 (Joey's Place) the Tanner family move Joey into the garage, redecorating it so the entire place is filled with Joey's furniture, but in episode 12 (Our Very First Promo), it shows the characters in and out of the garage which is completely empty and back the way it was before Joey moved in. Later in the episode Joey's stuff is out of the alcove again.



In Disney Land, D.J. thinks that many different Disney characters are Steve, including Aladdin, a character that Scott Weinger, the actor who played Steve, voiced.