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1 plot hole in A House Divided

A House Divided - S7-E24

Plot hole: When the Tanners are having their family meeting about moving to a new house, Jesse shares a story of an incident in the house which occurred on March 4, 1989. He says that, on that date, Danny painted the banister without informing anyone beforehand, and that Jesse slid down the banister on his way to a job interview. But if this happened in March of '89, then Jesse already had a job working with Joey in advertising, not to mention his own schedule with the Rippers band. And as busy as Jesse was in these two areas, there would've been no need for him to work an additional job.

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Suggested correction: The job interview wasn't for an additional job. With the advertising and the band, you have to still do interviews to do work in both of those areas. It's possible he was on his way to an interview for the advertising or an audition for the band.