Full House

Full House (1987)

1 mistake in Luck Be a Lady (1)

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Luck Be a Lady (1) - S2-E21

Continuity mistake: When Jesse goes to ring Becky, the door behind him (that she later walks through whilst he's on the phone) is shut, but when it cuts back to Jesse after she answers the phone, it's suddenly open.

Steph: Oh no, it's Kimmy Gibbleburger.

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Chosen answer: The first time was in the first season, episode 19 "The Seven-Month Itch", the second was in the fourth season, episode 1 "Greek Week", the third time was in the fifth season, episode 19 "The Devil Made Me Do It" and finally in the very last episode of the series, "Michelle Rides Again", season 8 episode 23.


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