CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Bad Words - S4-E19

Corrected entry: In the flashback that shows Adam Brenner playing his opponent using the word "Exvin", we can see that the X is also used in "Juxtapose". When the opponent adds an S to "Exvin", he is challenged and made to take back his tiles. However, the X would remain where it is because it is a part of another word. Since the opponent plays a word using an X later in the game ("Loxodrome"), we know that he must have taken back the X as well. However, that cannot be the case as then "Juxtapose" would not be able to stand without the X.

Correction: He can play Loxodrome by using the X still on the table from Juxtapose. He didn't need to play it from his hand, just play it vertically like the removed exvin.

Just looked at the scene and not possible to play Loxodrome vertically due to the existence of the word Antothenics underneath Juxtapose.

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