Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean (1989)

2 corrected entries in Goodnight, Mr. Bean

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Starring: Rowan Atkinson

Genres: Comedy, Family

Goodnight, Mr. Bean - S1-E18

Corrected entry: In the scene where Mr. Bean is trying to distract the guard, he takes a photo of the cupid near the guard. When he takes the photo the cupid has a red "fig leaf," but in the next shot, which is supposed to be seconds after the photograph, the "fig leaf" is gone.

Correction: There is a gap of a few minutes before you see the statue again. Enough time for the "leaf" to fall off as it was only a piece of rubbish Mr. Bean licked to hold it in place.

A Demon Premium member

Goodnight, Mr. Bean - S1-E18

Corrected entry: In the hospital scene, when Mr. Bean is trying to steal a better queue number, he notices the old sleeping man with number 24 which happens to be next up. However, since the old man is showing the number for the camera and pointing it away from Mr. Bean, he would not be able to see it. The number on queue notes are not printed on both sides.

Andreas Winnberg

Correction: While the numbers aren't printed on both side, the paper is thin enough and the printing dark enough to be seen from the backside, albeit reversed. This is noticeable in the scene as well. Even if this wasn't the case, Mr. Bean may have just been attempting to steal a ticket from a sleeping man.


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