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Some Like It Hot Rod - S4-E11

Other mistake: If Jill moved the hotrod back in the garage after it was filled with snow, why isn't there a clean spot where she sat in it to drive it.

To Build Or Not To Build - S2-E23

Other mistake: When Randy and Brad complete the magic trick and open up the trunk they are pointing it towards the audience for us to see. But Jill reacts as if she is seeing it too, which, based on where she is sitting and where the trunk is open would be impossible. She would have had to get up and go look or have the trunk turned 90° to make it work. Neither happens.

luke f

Future Shock - S6-E2

Other mistake: Al's tricycle catches on fire but when the fire is put out the tricycle is much more scorched and mangled in a way that would have been impossible with the short time the fire was lit and the area it actually burned.

luke f

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