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Maybe, Baby - S3-E1

New this week Revealing mistake: Whenever the door to the garage is opened the garage is not quite what it should be. It looks like there is a wall just inside the door.

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Revealing mistake: Anytime the kids are shown running through the backyard, it sounds very obvious they are running on a wooden set floor instead of real grass-covered ground.


Bye Bye Birdie - S2-E18

Revealing mistake: Towards the end of episode 2.18, "Bye, Bye Birdie", Tim drops to the ground in the back yard while trying to avoid the helicopter. When Tim gets up, you can see the grass (carpet) move and wrinkle up.

Baby, It's Cold Outside - S1-E18

Revealing mistake: When Wilson and Tim start to talk they sit down on some rocks. If you look at Wilson's foot you can see the sheet of fake snow caught under his foot.

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Ye Olde Shoppe Teacher - S4-E10

Revealing mistake: In this episode, every time Wilson places a log on the block before splitting it, you can see a dark line on top of the log, showing where they were pre-cut.


Bye Bye Birdie - S2-E18

Revealing mistake: When Tim is falling, crawling and rolling on the snow-covered ground in the final scene, none of the snow clings to him or his clothing. He does not even get damp, even when he is lying on his back in the same spot for several seconds.


Doctor In The House - S5-E10

Revealing mistake: At the beginning during the Binford commercial, Tim falls off the ladder that they just set up and it's possible to see it's connected to the wall (so it will flip, but not fall over).

Something Old, Something Blue - S6-E18

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Jill went to talk with Irene who was really worried and almost crying in the bride's room Jill made a joke. When the camera showed the mirror behind Jill, you could see that Irene was madly laughing. When the camera showed Irene again, she was almost crying.

Flying Sauces - S1-E8

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Brad and Randy are screaming and trying to get away from the "aliens," look closely at their faces as they're running and pounding on the back door. They are totally laughing the whole time.


Knee Deep - S8-E15

Revealing mistake: At the very ending of the episode, when Tim runs through the back wooden fence, just before he hits the fence, you can see the loose board fall from top to the bottom and towards him before he even hits the fence.


Sisters And Brothers - S4-E24

Revealing mistake: At the end when Tim and Marty are outside Marty drops the ladder supposedly on Tim's foot, but it never lands close enough to his foot for Tim to get hurt.

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Pilot - S1-E1

Revealing mistake: Just before the dish explodes out of the dishwasher through the wall the cut out that was made to allow that to happen is visible.

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Let Them Eat Cake - S5-E6

Revealing mistake: When Randy is thrown across the yard by Jason and his friend, you can tell that he is actually just launching himself as you can hear him take four running steps after Brad says "Hey Wilson, how's it going?", followed by Randy appearing onscreen and then jumping off the porch. You can also see Randy's lone shadow running towards the spot where he jumps from while he himself is offscreen. Next you can tell he lands on a crash mat because the leaves on the ground drag behind him as he is sliding across the grass. Lastly, after he says "I'm going to get you for this Brad!", you can see him walking towards the gazebo where Jason and his friend are sitting and just before the shot changes Jason extends his left hand for Randy to give him five.

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