CSI: Miami

Dead Woman Walking - S1-E15

Factual error: Iodine-131 does not decay to normal Iodine. It decays to a stable isotope of the noble gas Xenon.

Bunk - S1-E13

Factual error: Using a Draeger tube to test for nitric acid fume, the instrument made a clicking sound. This device does not click. The bellows pump is squeezed drawing air through the tube. A reaction takes place between the air contaminant and the material in the tube causing a color change. The length of stain is proportional to the concentration.

Bunk - S1-E13

Factual error: Nitric acid is a liquid and not a gas. The gaseous precurser is NO2 which combines with water forming nitric acid, HNO3. Neither causes instant death.

Dead Woman Walking - S1-E15

Factual error: I-131 (or any radioactive material) "at the end of its half life" does not instantly become non-radioactive, as was depicted in this episode. Radioactive decay is a continuous process; the half-life has no "beginning", but tells you how much time after "now" for however much is there at any time "now" to be reduced to one half that amount. Wait enough half-lives and the amount will fall to an inconsequential amount, but one is never enough

Dead Woman Walking - S1-E15

Factual error: Firstly, I-131 has an eight day half life. It is thus impossible that she is poisoned on day 1 (a dose enough to kill her), and then the following day there is no detectable rad. reading at the source. The eight day half-life also comes into play with the hand that becomes "neutralized" to radioactivity. Secondly, the discussion re: alpha, beta, and gamma radiation is true, however if breathed/ingested, I'd sure rather it be a gamma emitter than an alpha emitter, as alphas will deposit more energy (this is contrary to what was stated).

Double Cap - S1-E19

Factual error: During their investigation, the CSIs learn, through a number of phone calls she made to her mother, that their murder victim was in the Witness Protection Program. Contacting family members is one of the cardinal sins of WITSEC; she would have been immediately relocated with another new identity, and not left in a city where people who want her dead know where she is.

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Lt. Horatio Caine: You're evil, you enjoy death, and I hope you enjoy your own.



After Calleigh's Hummer is hit from the rear, it is shown going into the water with no visible damage to the front of the vehicle. After the first commercial break it is being pulled from the water with a dented and buckled hood.



In the real case on which this episode was based, one of the women photographed was Nikka La Rue, whose sister Eva plays CSI Natalia Boa Vista.