Futurama (1999)

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Roswell That Ends Well - S4-E1

Corrected entry: The sergeant refers to Fry's grandfather Enos by his first name, something that would never happen. A superior officer - especially a non-com - would refer to him as "Fry", "Private" or "Private Fry". No army sergeant ever referred to an enlisted man by his first name.

Correction: You've clearly never been in the military. First names and nicknames will get used, especially if they are unusual.

Grumpy Scot

Roswell That Ends Well - S4-E1

Corrected entry: Leela sets fire to the Professor's tie in the white goods store - later in the Malt Shop, his tie is completely intact.

Correction: Given the Professor's knack for inventing totally unmarketable inventions, its not out of the realm of possibility that he installed some kind of tie-repairing-machine in the ship or any number of equivalents.