My Big Bird - S5-E8

Trivia: JD asks Elliot to do him a favour and cover Mr. Foster for him, so he can go to Mr. Sutton's house. Sutton Foster is an actress and singer who has done many Broadway shows, and is the star of the TV series Younger. Likely a nod by a musical-loving writer.


My Cabbage (1) - S5-E12

Trivia: When Cabbage is shown giving the fake pills to the patient, there's a packet on the tray with the name Heisler on the front. Heilser is also a fake brand of beer that's used in tv/movies a lot.

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Carla: You can deny you like her all you want. But, I know for a fact, that every time you guys are done "playing racquetball" or "having a conversation" or whatever it is you crazy kids are calling it, you like nothing more than to just lie next to Jordan and watch her sleep.
Dr. Cox: It would be impossible for me to lie next to Jordan, she sleeps hanging from a ramp in the ceiling, wrapped in a cocoon of her own wings.

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Season 1 generally

Question: In one episode (I think it's My Balancing Act) Dr Kelso is trying to scare the interns, so he pulls his face off and 'becomes' a guy with crazy ginger hair and a very annoying loud voice. I'm a Brit so that's maybe why I don't recognise this guy. Is he supposed to be someone famous?

Answer: This is an American comedian called Scott Thompson, more widely known by his stage name of "Carrot Top".

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